'Impetus', created by MFIN in collaboration with Mindstone Maven LLP, is an online information sharing platform, exclusively for the NBFC-MFI Members of Microfinance Institutions Network, which will enable them to showcase their financial strength and operational performance and interact with various Investors & Lenders for seeking funds. The platform enables the members to host curated information, initiate funding transactions, facilitate underwriting decisions, track transaction status, among other features.



2,31,778 CR


10.50 CR

Impetus For

Microfinance Institutions

Impetus enables MFIs to access the funding marketplace which is dedicated to the sector with specific focus and inputs on the microfinance ecosystem. The platform aims to catalyze the MFIs growth prospects through:

  • Timely compilation, curation and updating of relevant information
  • User friendly workflows and dashboards
  • Visibility to wide variety of Investors & Lenders
  • All customary & structured funding products
  • Origination, tracking & facilitation of funding transactions
  • Industry level inputs & facilitation from MFIN

Impetus For

Investors & Lenders

Impetus provides a dedicated stack of investment / lending opportunities for wide variety of Investors / Lenders, who are keen to explore the vast investment opportunities presented by a fast-evolving Microfinance industry. It facilitates Banks, NBFCs, Funds, HNIs, and other classes of investors through:

  • Wide range of funding opportunities from MFI industry
  • Relevant, curated & timely information to facilitate investment decision
  • User friendly workflows and dashboards
  • Two-way origination of funding transactions
  • Tracking & facilitation of ongoing/ potential transactions
  • Facilitation in execution and closure of transactions

Why Choose Us

360 Degree Aggregation of Investment Prospects
  • Covering all types of investment/ lending products
  • Two-way transaction visibility through rule-based matching
  • Value added information exchange including in-depth analytics on MFI's performance and its comparison with industry benchmarks
Curated & Secure Ecosystem
  • Curation of data and information to suit the investors/ lenders requirements
  • Data safety & Security
  • Gearing the system for value added features like rating & risk management
Execution Facilitation
  • Dynamic dashboards to monitor transactions/ portfolio
  • Real time tracking & communication for ongoing transactions
  • Transaction facilitation by backend teams
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